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The Canada Games were first held in Quebec City during the excitement of national centennial celebrations in 1967. Established as a multi-sport event bringing together young athletes from across Canada, the competition realized a dream of 'unity through sport' that athletic organizers had first envisioned in the 1920's. The Canada Games alternate between winter and summer, and are held every two years in different communities across the nation. Host communities organize cultural events that give the event local flavour, while volunteers work together tirelessly to ensure a welcoming atmosphere and overcome challenges posed by Canada's diverse geography and unpredictable climate. The Canada Games have imparted a rich legacy of improved sports facilities, civic pride, and volunteerism in different parts of the nation. Equally important, the event has proven an important stepping stone in the careers of some of Canada's most inspiring athletes, and many alumni of the Canada Games have gone on to success in international competition.

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