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Grey Cup Introduction


Established as an amateur football championship in 1909 by Canada's ninth Governor General, the Grey Cup has endured for over a century to become one of the most beloved and iconic symbols of sport in Canada. With the advent of an east-west playoff format in the 1920's the championship grew into one of Canada's biggest single-day sporting events. Over the years, unpredictable weather and heroic performances from athletes on the gridiron ensured the Grey Cup game became a memorable and entertaining experience for spectators. Beginning in 1948, the Grey Cup championship also began to inspire parades, parties and creative pre-game traditions that imbued the event with local colour, a tradition that continues today. To mark the Grey Cup's one-hundredth anniversary in 2012, the iconic silver trophy travelled by train to communities across the nation, saluting the grassroots support from many Canadians who ensure its legendary stature for generations to come.

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