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For men and women serving in the Canadian military, team sports have often bolstered cohesion and camaraderie. This is especially important in a nation as geographically large and culturally diverse as Canada, enabling recruits from different parts of the country to find common ground and develop physical and psychological skills that often translate to success on the battlefield. Along with physical fitness and stamina, sports promoted discipline, accountability, and esprit de corps, teaching soldiers of all stripes to pull together to achieve their objectives, both on the playing field and in combat situations. Over time, many Canadian regiments established their own unique regimental sporting traditions, creating recreational opportunities that offered a welcome distraction from the repetitious nature of military training, while instilling pride and fostering shared identity. Finally, team sports have recurrently boosted morale on the home front and abroad, inspiring public support for military endeavours, and demonstrating solidarity and endurance in the face of adversity.

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