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[Narrator - Rylan Strachan]

[Image of fans]

As Canadians, we remember the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, B.C. with pride.

[THE OLYMPIC TORCH/ AN INTEGRAL PART OF CANADIAN SPORTS, image of 2010 logo, image of Baron Pierre de Coubertin and of skiiers at 2010 Olympic Winter Games]

Inspired by the ancient Greek Olympic Games, founder Baron Pierre de Coubertin created the modern Olympic Games in 1894. Held every four years, the modern Olympic Games are the leading international multi-sport competition featuring summer and winter events where thousands of athletes from around the world participate.

[Image of Greek priestess lighting 1988 Olympic torch, image of Aboriginal people]

The Olympic Torch Relay was introduced as part of the modern Olympic Games in 1936. The flame for the Vancouver Games was lit on October 22, 2009 in Olympia, Greece, and brought to Canada to start the relay on October 30 in Victoria.

[Image of Steve Nash carrying 2010 Olympic torch, image of torch bearers and 2010 cauldron]

Lasting 106 days, the torch was carried across Canada by 12,000 torch bearers, including past Canadian Olympic medalists, Olympic hopefuls, and celebrities. It was the longest relay route within one country, totaling 45,000 km. The torch returned to B.C. Place Stadium on February 12, 2010 and was used to light the cauldron during the opening ceremonies.

[Images of Canadian athletes who won gold medals in 2010]

Vancouver 2010 was an undeniable success. Canadian athletes won a total of 26 medals including, a record 14 gold medals.

[Images of fans and crowds at 2010 Olympic Winter Games]

Canadians wore their patriotism with red and white hats, mittens, and body paint. The exciting and highly charged atmosphere led to a national pride among citizens of Vancouver and Canada that was infectious even amongst foreign leaders and visitors. The most memorable moment was the final Sunday when Canada won gold in men's ice hockey.

[Image of two lit 2010 Olympic Winter Games torches]

The 2010 Olympic Winter Games reaffirmed our Canadian identity and the torch remains a symbol of the brotherhood and understanding of the global community.

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